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Known as Beck and Corbitt prior to the turn of the last century, Beck and Benedict Hardware store has been around for some time and has seen much of Waynesboro’s colorful history.  The name Beck and Benedict Hardware came about in 1900 when Dan Benedict bought into the business and replaced Corbitt.  At the time Ed Beck and Dan Benedict ran the store together.  The store stayed in the two families until Elwood Fry and Bob Myers bought the business in 1955.  Lambert “Nipper” Geeseman became the store owner in 1969.  The current owners, Richard and Della Boschert, took the reigns in 1984 and created the Beck and Benedict Hardware store everyone knows today.

Beck and Benedict Hardware has changed over time to offer more services and products in areas that were not traditionally associated with hardware stores.  It is the eclecticism of the store that helps give it character and set it apart from other hardware outlets.  In 1986, the Antique Market was started and is still going today.  Not long after, music made its way into the hardware store when locals in 1989 started having impromptu bluegrass “Jam” sessions.  The music began to take a weekly tradition every Friday night and is still called the “Olde Tyme Jam.” 

The current store is located in the newly renovated Gold's Plaza on 118 Walnut Street.  When the store moved to this location in January 2000, it gave the store more free parking, and three separate areas for the different aspects of the business to reside in.  As a result of this extra space, new concerts were added to the existing Friday night bluegrass jam.  The first concert with a scheduled band was in June 2000.  For the schedule of current concerts please reference the Event Calendar link on the left.